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Our curtains are meticulously cut & sewn in Nettex, Warwick, Hoad / Gummerson, Wilson fabrics with OSLO tracking system.

Roller Blinds

Without question, Roller Blinds remain the bread and butter of this industry.


Some say that within a few years all Roller Blinds will be motorised; it’s difficult to find an argument against that.

Dual Shades

Also known as ‘Zebra’ Blinds on the international stage – we were one of the first wholesalers to distribute this product in a big way on the Australian stage.

Vertical Blinds

While it may have lost some of its lustre from its heydays of the 80’s and 90’s, Vertical Blinds remain an essential product due to its versatility and affordability.

Panel Glides

Some consider it a glorified Vertical Blind – but Panel Glides are a fantastic option in covering large spans of openings.

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