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Some say that within a few years all Blinds & Curtains will be motorised; at this rate it’s rather difficult to find an argument against that prediction.

Merely a decade ago, window shade motorisation was something of a status symbol – a luxury generally reserved for the more affluent. However rapid advancements in technology and affordability have made this more accessible than ever.

Furthermore, the tightening child safety regulations enforced around the globe will only expedite the process. In the US the regulations have become a little extreme, mandating operating cords on all new window shadings manufactured after 30th May 2023 to be cordless, inaccessible or no longer than 8 inches.

Such draconian measures will take time until it reaches our shores but it would be better to be well prepared than not.

We offer a range of options to cater for your clients’ needs. Choose from the world leaders SOMFY range or our own Empowered EMP series, available in Li-Ion and Hard-wired (RTS or WT) for Roller Blinds and Curtains.

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