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We recognise that offering a warranty that surpasses industry standards not only showcases our confidence in our products but also plays a vital role in reassuring your clients.

Many wholesalers typically provide warranties ranging from 12 months to 3 years for internal shading products.
However, it is important to note that a warranty does not make our products impervious to damage, nor does it permit unfounded or excessive claims.

Please refer to BMAA industry guidelines on product faults:

Our warranty covers the following:
– Defects in materials and workmanship;
– Failure of blind to operate;
– Internal parts, mechanism, cords, components and brackets;
– Damage noted upon delivery.

However, please note that the following conditions will void the warranty for blinds:
– Products ordered outside the specified specifications or min / max recommended sizes;
– Defects resulting from misuse, abuse, tampering or alterations not performed by Wintec Aust;
– Normal wear and tear that occurs over time;
– Failure to follow recommended maintenance and care instructions;
– Incorrect installation of the blinds;
– Fraying of fabric edge caused by forced operation despite signs of tracking. Please note that Roller Blinds / Dual Shade fabrics may track long after installation due to temperature, climate, static electricity or even the way the blinds chains are operated. Pulling the chain too fast and hard could jolt the blind off-track;
– Wintec Aust must be given an opportunity to repair any faulty or damaged goods.

Warranty periods of our products are as follows:

Roller Blinds 5 years
Vertical Blinds 5 years
Curtains 5 years
Panel Glides 5 years
Dual Shades 3 years
EMP Series)
5 years

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